Rob Chiu & Chris Hewitt (1/2)

Rob Chiu & Chris Hewitt (1/2)

motion designer

Interview with Rob Chiu and Chris Hewitt motion designers

About the interview
Rob Chiu and Chris Hewitt both with Printed design professional background have swung to animated and graphic movies production in the early 2000’s. Their short movies are synthesizes of two cultures, the one of graphic design (make-up, plastic production, typography, style working) and the one of cinema (story telling by means of image, sound, time, motion). They talk about their progression, their interests and partnership.

About Rob Chiu
London based, Chiu has worked under the alias of The Ronin for 8 years in the field of motion design working for clients such as Leica Cameras, BBC, Channel 4, idN, Hybrid Studios and Digital Kitchen. His short narrative based films have been featured in a number of film festivals including Edinburgh, OneDotZero and Resfest while gaining awards along the way. He has given talks on his work at various design conferences such as Adobe Max, OFFF Barcelona, OFFF New York, OFFF Lisbon, Flash on the beach, FMX, Toca Me and FITC Toronto and is regularly invited to run workshops at Universities and institutions around the world. Inspired by film, travel, and music, Chiu is constantly creating evocative stories with his work currently represented in the US by New York based Curious Pictures and in Europe by Paris based Mr Hyde.

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About Chris Hewitt

Christopher Hewitt is a self taught Director, Designer, Photographer and occasional Writer located in East London. With 9 years commercial experience his clients include EMI Records, BBC & Discovery Channel. His short experimental films have been featured in a number of film festivals including The Aubagne Film Festival, OneDotZero and Promax whilst also receiving recognition from industry publications such as IdN, Stash & Creative Review. Hewitt is also a regular speaker at conferences and schools around the world, most recently FITC Toronto and OFFF Lisbon where he spoke to an audience of over 2000. Christopher is currently represented Internationally by The Ebeling Group, Sehsucht for Germany & 552 in France. Christopher is also Creative Director and Co-Founder of Bearfight a new London based Film & Animation Studio.

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Inspired work :D Grandes mentes!
Des videos de qualité, tant par par la forme que par le contenu.
J'espere que cette jolie collection ne cessera de grandir.
Chapeau !!!!
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wonderfull interwiew and directed. thanks alot!
Benoit Tigeot
Merci beaucoup pour ces interviews.
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