Remon Tijssen

Remon Tijssen

interaction designer

Interview with Remon 'Fluid' Tijssen interaction designer

About this interview
Remon Tijssen, is the Dutch web designer who has developed Spectra, News channel intuitive 3D application (awarded 'Site of the Month' by FWA in 2008). Computer code is his production material. The visual aspect of his production ensues from functional research and innovative interaction principles. Within Fluid.NL, he hunts for and devises interfaces that foreshadow future online software generations. He is currently working for Adobe in California.

About Remon Tijssen a.k.a Fluid
Born in 1974 in southern Netherlands, he studied Interaction Design at the 'Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht' in Hilversum. He gratuated with honors with a Masters degree in Interactive Multimedia. Inspired but not lead by Technology, his whole knowledge and curiosity are dedicated to researching dynamic behaviors in applications.


This guy is a brillant designer!
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