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Terms and Conditions of website digup•tv

The Site digup•tv "available at (hereinafter "Site") is offered under certain conditions, you agree to know and respect. These conditions are defined in this document. The consultation of the Site is restricted to personal, noncommercial use. Broadly speaking, you agree not to use all or parts of the Site for illegal purposes (copyright) or contrary to these conditions.

2. Protection website digup•tv

a) Copyright and copyrights on digup•tv

Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part of the Site is prohibited.

b) Distinguishing marks on digup•tv

All logos, trademarks, images, videos, texts, signs, etc. on the Site are also protected by intellectual property rights. The use of the Site does not imply in any way and any assignment of duties, they shall remain the exclusive property of Cellules sarl or their original authors. 
Any fraudulent use of all or part of the Site may lead to prosecution.

3. Editorial responsibilities on the website digup•tv

The site provides Internet users with spaces expressions with the ability to publish personal opinions and questions on issues presented on the Site, as well as the ability to reference other sites or forums. The data contained therein can not be collected or used for other purposes. All posts made to these areas of expression reflect the ideas of their respective authors. However, the Site is responsible for the content of these areas, officials are likely to move on a more appropriate page, simply delete or not to publish contributions that are not connected with the editorial line of the site, which would be objectionable, contrary to law or not comply with these Terms of Use, and agree to do so as soon as possible.

On this website: • digup tv, transmission of content listed below is strictly prohibited

Thus, the user guarantee not to transmit content : 
- Advertising in disguise; 
- To the misleading or erroneous; 
- May constitute a violation of the rights of literary, artistic, trademarks and industrial or other rights of third parties, such as image rights and the right to privacy; 
- To offensive, defamatory, libelous, racist, xenophobic, revisionist or prejudicial to the honor or reputation of others. Inciting discrimination, hatred of a person or group of persons because of their origin or their belonging or not belonging to an ethnic group, nation, race or religion; 
- Threatening a person or group of persons; 
- Detrimental to public order, be liable to civil or criminal, or defamatory; unconstitutional character, and from extremist groups banned by law, inciting a crime, crime, suicide and acts of terrorism or being an apologist for crimes, acts of terrorism, war crimes or crimes against humanity; to pornographic, contrary to morality or prejudicial to human dignity; 
- Allowing third parties to obtain directly or indirectly from pirated software, serial numbers of software, software for acts of piracy and intrusion into computer systems and telecommunications, and generally any software tool or to prejudice the rights of others and the safety of persons and property; 
- Computer viruses or any other application that might disturb or damage, software, hardware and computers of the Site or its users; 
- constituting chain letters. 

The user undertakes to respect the image and reputation of the Site and not to engage in statements and / or any actions affecting the Site. 
In case of infringement of the laws, morality, the present conditions of use or for any other reason freely interpreted, the Site reserves the right to close spaces of expression for a limited time or permanent and of delete the information and references to such information. 
The Site reserves the discretion to publish or not your opinion or websites on its areas of expression, modify, adapt or translate into any language in any form and on whatever medium, to keep them in line or removed at any time without having to keep informed.

4. Guarantees on the website digup•tv

While the Web has made the necessary steps to ensure the reliability of the information, services or software contained on this Site, it can not be held responsible for errors, omissions, viruses or results that might be obtained by misusing them. The Site is in effect held that an obligation of means. The user represents and warrants that it knows the characteristics and constraints of the Internet, including the transmission of data and information on the Internet have only a relative technical reliability, these circulating on heterogeneous networks. The site strives to keep its pages open 7 days on 7 and 24 hours on 24, but is bound to any obligation to do so. It can interrupt access, notably for reasons of maintenance and upgrades. Access may also be interrupted for any other reason. The Site is not responsible for the entirety of these interruptions and the consequences that may result for the user or any third party. It is recalled that the Site may terminate or modify the characteristics of its pages and its area of expression at any time, without notice. 

In no event shall the Site can not be held liable for data loss or damage associated with these data. Any information or advice provided by the Site should be construed as any guarantee. In addition, hyperlinks can lead to a consultation of external sites operated by third parties. On these websites, the Site has no control and assumes no responsibility for their content.

5. CNIL registration and website digup•tv

The Site is registered with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL French Commission On Computer, Files and Freedom) under the number 1348813.

No registration is required on the Site, and you may be aware of all of its contents. If however you wish to receive our newsletter you must subscribe (for free). To subscribe, just register in our newsletter form an e-mail address. The Site may terminate its sending email at any time.

6. Confidentiality and access rights on the website digup•tv

No personal data collected on this site is accessible to the public, or will be sold to third parties. Under French Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and freedoms, each person has on the personal data concerning access rights (art. 34 to 38 of the Act) , rectification (art. 36 of the Act) and opposition (art. 26 of the Act) and to exercise his rights, must write to digup•tv from this page.

7. Cookies on the website digup•tv

In order to make statistics (eg estimating the attendance of the site), to improve your navigation (eg, focus or develop the optimization of our site such as browser type and display) and for reasons security (eg to determine the origin of spam), we may collect data about you, whether by example, your IP address or your environment variables by the use of cookies. 

A cookie is a block of data sent to your browser by a web server and stored on the hard drive of your computer. One or more "cookies" can be placed anonymously on the hard drive of your computer. These cookies do not contain any information of a private nature or which could identify you. They simply allow the Site to improve the services offered. 
The use of cookies is optional, but recommended. You can still of course you oppose their presence and reject and delete. To this end, see the help files of your browser.

8. Miscellaneous Provisions on the website digup•tv

To the extent that any provision of these Terms of use would lose its validity or if they were to contain a gap, the provision in question would be replaced by one that is closest to the point of view of the interpretation Legal. You are not satisfied with all or part of this site, its newsletter or the space of expression, or if you disagree with these Terms and Conditions, your sole remedy is to discontinue using the Site and if you subscribe to our newsletter, to unsubscribe, see the link on each of our pages. 

Your browsing of the Site, or general use of the Site means that you must read these Terms of Use, and your full acceptance of them. 

These Terms of Use are governed and interpreted according to French law. 
For questions regarding these Terms of Use, or questions or comments about this site, contact digup•tv.