Digup is documentary series on digital design key figures 

Digital design has to be shown and made clear. It is a particularly prolific field of nowadays creation. It appeals to artistic know-how and advanced techniques. Its “works” are likely to be of interest to us, likely to touch us, inspire us and make us richer. Digup is the first web periodical about this topic that addresses everyone. The publication deals with the topics thoroughly, gives landmarks and understanding keys. Designers, artists and researchers explain their production work of images, signs, messages, and interfaces of our present and future world.

Digup is a free web site where surveys, documented interviews, works of artist and graphic designers, interaction designers or researchers are being published on a regular basis.

Cellules' Production

Cellules Digup is produced and directed by Cellules (an audio-visual and interactive production studio) thanks to a multidisciplinary team: collaborators, journalists, internet, animation, and graphic design professionals. It’s a guarantee of a non-compartmentalized approach and of a critical tone. Digup will appeal to external key figures to develop some themes : Disciplin specialists, art critics, academics, theorists, renowned artists and professionals.

Cellules is a production studio which combines two special fields: interactive design and audio-visual production. Cellules develops and produces communication tools for all screen formats and consultation forms (internet and intranet sites, smartphones, projections, interactive terminals, dvd…).Those tools combine animated image and electronic medias. More informations on www.cellules.tv