Digup is a documentary series about digital designers: surveys, portraits, interviews ...

Graphic design, interaction design, animation, data visualization, installations, digital art, new medias labs…Digital production is the conjunction of visual and audio-visual productions with computer. The latter is not only the main creation tool; it is most of all, the material. Its continuing evolution and the need to keep up with innovation make it also a part of the topic.

Thanks to digital design, images and sounds have become flexible and expressive materials. Computer networks are an interactive support and a shared space that ceaselessly affect our access to knowledge, contents and alter the way we communicate. Images, sounds, motions, plastic and graphic signs are combined together and give birth to new grammars.

With the increasing number of screens and the expansion of the information society, digital design is in a state of agitation. It is an original and autonomous creation field through which, the relationship between commerce, art, science and technology are being formulated again. It is made of human stories.

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